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Optimizing high-performing teams and converting human capital into profits and potential is my jam!

  • ENTJ Myers-Briggs Type (aka The Commander)

  • Kolbe Action Modes 7-3-6-4

  • 5/1 Human Design Projector (here to be a guide)

  • 9w8 on the Enneagram (aka The Advisor)


Get to know Chelsea

As a NCAA Division I athlete, I know first-hand the formula it takes to develop high-performing teams and the magnitude of success which can be achieved with the support of a professional coach.  This experience inspired me to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Science in Leadership to better understand the dynamics of the human connection. Following college, I led cross-functional teams for 12 years as a Command Pilot of military tactical aircraft.  This role deepened my expertise in human factors and human performance.  After 20 years serving as an officer in the United States Air Force,  I understand what leaders are capable of when they are fulfilled and supported in their career.  My unique experiences, specialized education, and professional leadership training make me distinctly qualified to provide you with leadership coaching and career development strategies.

What is Your Blueprint Mindset?

Your Blueprint Mindset helps you lead from a place of alignment and confidence.  What could you achieve if you were using your strengths and values at work? Chelsea is an authority on the neuroscience of human behavior as it pertains to leadership and the dynamics of high performing teams.  She created the Blueprint Mindset process as a framework to motivate your leadership approach and fulfill your ideal career vision.  

I believe:

leaders are built, not born.

I don't subscribe to:

the idea of being busy, not taking responsibility for my actions, going through the motion of life. 

You can find me:

listening to podcasts on brain science, human behavior and true crime, cooking, working out with my husband, cheering on the sideline for our kids, or hiking with our Great Dane.

Daily practices:

gratitude, mindset work, morning coffee, and outdoor walks (in search of sunshine).

What are my intentions?

My superpower is guiding others toward what is possible.  My intention is to empower you as a leader, so that you might access your authority and step into your authentic power.  I will serve up the accountability you need to design a career around values-based principles and sustainable leadership practices.

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