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Our Online Seminars

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Reframing Your Constraints

It’s energizing to think beyond our own perceived limitations of a situation. In this course, you will learn the art of reframing - a tool which helps stimulate curiosity and promotes innovative thinking.

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Getting Clear on Your Intentions

Are you using your core values to activate your motivation and set your intentions as a leader?  This formula is shown to deliver a greater sense of fulfillment.  Throughout this course, you will learn the principles of this formula. 

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Creating Clear Agreements

Lack of integrity is one of the most destructive forces in a team’s culture.  When we create agreements that are vague and confusing, this takes up a lot of time and energy.  At the end of this course, you will have a framework for understanding the structure of an agreement and how to cooperate and coordinate action together as a team.

Modern Leader's Workshop Series


Leadership Fundamentals
for the Digital Age

In this foundational workshop, participants will explore the core principles of modern leadership.  You will learn how to adapt your leadership style to effectively lead your teams, whether they meet in-person, work remote, or hybrid.


Resilience Building

Resilience is not just for “military tough” leaders. Discover how you can use resiliency to build the grit you need to lead with excellence. 


Authentically Aligned

Craft your authentic leadership purpose and vision. This final workshop in the series will focus on helping participants authentically define and communicate their leadership purpose and vision. You will learn how to inspire your teams, drive organizational change, and leave a meaningful mark as a leader.


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Aligned Leader Retreat

Are you looking to develop your leadership self-awareness in a collaborative environment?  You don’t want to miss this 2-day immersive group experience with other professionals who are committed to, and serious about, stepping into their full leadership potential and ideal career.

Location: TBD

Date: Fall 2024

Discussing the foundational elements of my personality and motivations really challenged me to define elements of myself that I don't think I would have otherwise given strong thought to and helped me to think critically about strengths and weaknesses.

-  Sarah G., Deputy Director of Cyber

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