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One-on-One Services

Are you a driven professional who desires a clear strategy for how to approach future leadership roles and career decisions with clarity and confidence?  Let me help you develop ways to highlight your strengths and handle friction points that are standing in the way of you realizing your full potential.

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Mindset Strategy Session

Your thoughts determine whether you succeed or fail at any given task.  Maintaining a growth mindset requires ongoing practice, no matter how successful the person.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Effectively reframe your mindset

  • Exercise your growth mindset in order to navigate challenges and changes in your career

Length: 45 min

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Leadership by Design

Each one of us has inherent leadership skills which can be developed and optimized through guided self-discovery and strategic support. 

In these sessions you will: 

  • Align your values with your strengths to cultivate your leadership vision

  • Learn to manage your energy to achieve your best work as a leader

Length: 3 sessions, each 1 hr

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Career Blueprint

We will cultivate your purpose, vision, and energy in order to empower you to take decisive action and sustain your best work at every turn in your career.

With this plan you will:

  • Design a customized blueprint to help you navigate the highest leadership roles in your career

  • Optimize your potential as a leader and driven professional

Length: 3 months​

Not sure which service is right for you?

Book a Discovery Session to find your best course of action!

Discussing the foundational elements of my personality and motivations really challenged me to define elements of myself that I don't think I would have otherwise given strong thought to and helped me to think critically about strengths and weaknesses.

-  Sarah G., Deputy Director of Cyber

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