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Are you empowered to your ideal capacity in your current leadership role?
Is your career potential being left on the table?

Through guided self-discovery and strategic support, we will build your career blueprint together.  

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Values-Based Approach

Together we build a foundation to give you clarity so you are empowered to move forward in alignment with:

  • increased self-awareness;


  • your 

    authentic values system;


  • developed sense of

     your natural strengths and leadership style;


  • decisive action toward 

    your individual career goals.


Your Blueprint

Let's start at the drawing board.    

  • Breakthrough your current position 

  • Optimize your desired career potential

After the session, you will be empowered with a customized blueprint to help you navigate leadership roles and build your ideal career.

Leadership Lab

Research shows that leaders are built, not born.  Each one of us has inherent leadership skills that can be optimized and developed.

Mindset Strategy Session (1-on-1)

Did you know your thoughts create the results you have in your life?  You have the power to shift your mindset, regardless of your circumstances. With our mindset session, you'll learn about acceptance and how to exercise your growth mindset to navigate the ups and downs in your career.

Corporate Workshops

Looking to optimize you team's potential?  Does your organization's culture need a reset?  I offer customized team sessions that align with a company's strategic and tactical agendas for transformation, mergers and acquisitions, or growth.


CEO + Lead Blueprint Designer

Why I Believe Leaders are Built, not Born

The human connection and dynamics of teamwork, inspired by my time as an NCAA Division I athlete, led me to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master of Science in Leadership.  Following college, I led cross-functional teams for 12 years as Pilot in Command of a multi-crew transport aircraft.  These experiences in human factors and human performance, coupled with 20 years serving as an Officer in the United States Air Force, increased my understanding of what humans are capable of when they are fulfilled and supported in their career.  

My education, specialized executive experience, and professional leadership training enhance my unique qualifications in providing professionals with a values-based approach to their leadership and career development. 

I believe we are all capable of leading others. Effective leadership requires self-awareness, a desire to lead, and tools to nurture your leadership abilities.  Whether you aim to climb the corporate ladder or thrive as an entrepreneur, together we build your unique career blueprint. 

Unlock your ideal potential with Professional Career Counseling, LLC.

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