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Sustainable leadership coaching for executives & entrepreneurs. 

Together, we design your career with intention.

Tell me, how can I guide you?

Are you looking for empowerment as a leader?

Would you like strategic guidance as you approach a pivotal decision point in your career?

Does your leadership team need support to optimize their collective potential?

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Research shows that leaders are built, not born. Throughout your executive coaching partnership with Chelsea, you will develop a more profound understanding of yourself and how others perceive you as a leader. 

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Together, we build a foundation for you to approach future leadership roles and career decisions with clarity and confidence. Your custom-designed Career Blueprint will empower you to:

  • Breakthrough your current position 

  • Design your ideal career

Women listening to each other talk

How individuals and teams handle adversity, challenges, and change is what sets high performers apart from others. Chelsea will customize your team session to align with your company's agenda for transformation and growth.

Curate Your Experience 

Request to book your discovery session today!

In just one 30-minute session you will: 

  • Get clarity on our Leadership Blueprint process

  • Devise a plan of action to achieve results

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Hello, I'm Chelsea!

I believe we all have inherent skills that enable us to lead others.  Effective leadership requires self-awareness, a desire to lead, and tools to nurture those abilities. I am a keen observer of other people’s strengths and am uniquely talented at bringing out the best in others.  Whether you aim to climb the corporate ladder or thrive as an entrepreneur, together we can build your distinctive career blueprint.

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What our clients say about us 

"Working with Chelsea gave me a much needed outsider based critical look into my thoughts and desires for my future."

Daniel G., Aviation Safety & Security Management

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